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Listen out for Language!

Pay attention to those modal verbs! All of those seemingly meaningless “filler words” for example May or might, would or should or will, can or could, and even it’s possible, or the old, I’ll see....... yes, we will see.... haha! You can tell a lot, and pick up on someone’s TRUE willingness to do something (their true intentions) due to their choice of words! Are they choosing more certain language? Or uncertain, more wishy-washy language? E.g. - I’ll have a drink, then I MIGHT come for a dance OR - I’ll have a drink, then I WILL come for a dance!

Listen out for their language choices and then you can really save time by keeping control of the conversation and adjusting your hustle approach and style due to the info you gather, from their language choice.


People GENERALLY only want to spend their $$$$ on people they like! When your time is limited, how do you increase your chances of this?? - COMPLIMENTS! Don’t forget.... plus, it’s always nice to make someone feel nice!

Check the body language!!

Is it closed? Is it open? Is it directed towards you? Is their drink like a shield between you and them? Which way are they crossing their legs? Are their arms crossed? Where are they looking? Hopefully checking you out haha! Equally as important, how is yours? Check your body language! Even if you are feeling uncomfortable, it is important to be aware of your own body language and remain open, leaning in, receptive and sexual! Make sure you don’t have a drink or a clutch bag between you and them and certainly not a good idea to cross arms or legs! Being aware of your own body language and remaining open can help entice customers! Being aware of their body language can help to cut through the B/S! Actions speak louder than words! 93% of communication is non-verbal and 55% is body language!

So ever had trouble hustling someone who has the most closed body language?

Makes you just wonder if they actually like leaving their home? No matter how friendly, gentle and soft your approach they remain really closed and crossed over! So I learnt loads of really interesting things yesterday at my body language workshop but here is one I can’t wait to apply! So when it comes to closed body language, there is no point hustling someone while they are closed, it’s like trying to talk to someone through a closed door! You need to open it to have a proper conversation! I would generally, literally ask them to open up, ask if they feel comfortable or ok and point out their body language- here is a much more gentle and subtle approach If you start with a handshake, they need to open up but if they go back to crossed, we’ll........ what then? You could ask them to hold something e.g. your clutch or a drink, while you adjust something, your shoes, your strap etc That way after you can thank them, for helping, thank them as you feel much more comfortable smile and hopefully, they remain open! As they have just helped you to feel much more comfortable, and in return, hopefully they do! Universal law of reciprocity, and you can’t argue with that 😊Xx

Ever feel like your conversations get repetitive with customers?

When I chat to my girlfriends about this issue, we can all relate! It is not that there is something wrong when your hustle seems repetitive and here are a few ways to look at this issue. First of all our time is precious during hustling, as we are not being paid. We want a fast selling cycle, however need to balance this with building rapport (in most cases). There are certain topics which are on track to selling a lap dance. Topics that are relevant to the night, their situation, their friend dynamics, anything relating to them being there in that moment and what they want! Etc.. Unless it is quiet, (you may need to build more rapport than on a busy night however) you may drag out your hustle or worse yet get friend zoned if you talk about too many off topic things. Staying on topic can result in feeling like you are being repetitive with people. This is a common issue I get asked about. However, I feel, yes, it is almost a good sign if you feel repetitive as you are stating on topic. The best way to extinguish this issue, is to look at it differently. It only feels repetitive if you don’t care about the answers you hear. You feel like you are rattling off the same questions like a robot! Take a moment to take a genuine interest in what your customers reply! That will make the plainest conversation interesting. If you make a connection, your customers will feel your warmth and your energy. You will feel more interested and no longer feel and seem like a robot! Also take a moment to have gratitude that sometimes jobs get repetitive for everyone, we all feel it from time to time. It is up to you, the way you look at it and also trust me I used to work in a lab! There are wwaaaaayyyyyy more repetitive jobs out there ❤️

Selling longer bookings off the bat!

Lots of people have asked me how to sell bigger dances right away. The truth is there are loads of factors at play. Including your energy and belief systems of whether you deep down believe you are “worth it” of course you ARE! But these will affect your delivery when you answer “how much a dance is” Some strategies are easy to implement and straightforward. So, you can start right away and notice a difference! First of all your tone - tone of voice is 35% of communication. This is a very quick explanation to a complex topic. Are you aware your tone of voice at the end of your sentences? Does your voice go up? Eg word word word ➡️➡️↗️ or does it go down word word word ➡️➡️↘️ When your voice goes up it creates people to think u are questioning what you are saying e.g. $400???? If your voice tone goes down at the end it sounds authoritative e.g. $400!!!! There is no room to barter or bargain, you sound sure of yourself. So, if you find people tend to question you on how much dances are or whether they can go cheaper or even say that’s too expensive- check your tone. You can also couple an authoritative tone with a little nod and a sexy smile 💁‍♀️ sending the message that your still fun and flirty but not open to being bargained with ❤️ I hope this helps xx And remember, if you don’t at least try, you won’t get!

Continuation for selling longer bookings straight off the bat

Another handy tip is to give what is called a double bind. Two good options for example, half an hour or an hour. (You can read up about double binds as there is a lot to add in). For example if someone says “how much for a dance?” You could start with well VIP bookings are X amount for half an hour or X amount for an hour. If you give too many options straight away, it sounds like there is loads of room to move and they may ask for the lowest price. When you say the larger booking prices make sure to gauge their reaction. If they look shocked, ask what they were wanting to spend? And by all means then adjust to their comfort zone. You don’t want to lose the booking. It is also important to say your double bind in a very helpful and light-hearted manner and non-pushy, so they don’t feel pressured, as that can be off putting. Rather suggest a larger booking as you genuinely do recommend it, as it gives you more time to entertain them well You can really suggest anything so long as you are careful with your delivery! Also remember if you don’t ask/say you generally don’t get ❤️

Double binds extended

So just as giving 2 options to buy is a great idea i.e. a double bind. For example, would you like to do one or two hours? Giving two options always is a good idea as the brain responds best to two options. Not only for when you’re getting all sales-y. For example, if you’re making an appointment and they ask “is Monday or Tuesday better?” “Morning or afternoon?” Etc The brain gets overloaded with too many options, and statistically, people buy less when they have too many options So translate this to your hustle: when someone asks prices, give your 2 favourite options at a time. For example, in men’s gallery where I’m working, I will say $50/10mins OR you can do VIP at $400/hr. If they say $50 for 10mins, I’ll say “shall we do $50 or $100” and so on and so forth. If VIP - “awesome is that for one or two hours?” If your club has a price scale and your favourite options (as you get the best cut) are 30mins or VIP etc then give always your favourite 2 options. If they then ask if there is a cheaper option, give 2 at a time again. It’s more palatable that ratting off all options in one go. They will be less likely to choose anything in that case.

First impressions are key

As in any public relations/ sales job, first impressions are so important. They portray to the person your meeting, so many things about you. Including, your energy, your intent/agenda, your warmth and friendliness, whether you care about them, your vibe and the list goes on. It also is the moment the person you are meeting gets to decide what they think about you. Whether they like or trust you, whether they like your energy and vibe and above all, whether you are someone they want to be around and spend their time/money on. The surprising thing about first impressions is, often our first impression is NOT when we decide to approach a customer. Our actual first impression is when they first see us. We may be completely unawares when we are giving our first impression. Our customers may be watching us, interact with others, our friends. On stage, when we first enter the room or merely when we are standing there. That is why it’s so important to be aware of your posture and demeanour at all times, not just when approaching someone. Especially in your down time, it is important to not look bored or pissed off as this not only brings your vibe down, it also brushes off around the club and gets noticed by potential customers who may be watching this. Your vibe introduces itself before you get the chance to ❤️

Test your limits, stretch your comfort zone

The road to success was never comfortable! Get out there, approach the customers you said would never take you for a dance. I dare you! You never know you may surprise yourself, and make money at the same time! If it doesn’t work? GOOD! What did you learn? How was your approach? What could you have done differently? Did YOU FIND OUT WHAT THEY WANT? Happy hustling

One simple thing you can do that will increase your income

Is don’t take the first no! A lot of my dances I get come from my second or third suggestion for a dance. The first time you broach the subject of going for a dance, can be likened to planting the seed. Or they might simply just decide to have a dance. However, if they don’t, how do we get past the first no? Simply change the subject (paired with a few other actions.) You may need to build more rapport. You may have been too impatient or eager. You may not have found out what it is they want, they may need to feel a little more connection. They may need a little more time or they may simply not want a dance or have the money for a dance. We don’t know why they said no! If you walk away and just take the first no, you miss any chances of them deciding to have a dance where they just needed that little extra persuasion. Also there is no harm in building more rapport as you have already introduced yourself, come in with a strong, winning introduction so don’t waste all of that energy and effort with walking away on the first no! Of course check in with body language when determining whether to persist, however, if it’s still very open and they seem into you even though they said no, keep that ball rolling, they are probably on the fence! Happy hustling ❤️

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

My friend and I always seem to have this conversation at the end of the night. How you really can’t judge a book by its cover (or in this case, a customer on face value.) and how someone in the night really surprised us, as we didn’t think they would spend, but they really did! Sometimes it’s easy to presume someone won’t/or can’t spend. Or presume they are not interested in getting a dance, then bam- they turn out to be your game changer customer. A lot of ladies I coach ask how they can learn to pick the “good customers, or the ones with money?” The truth is, it doesn’t always work like that, and in fact, it really doesn’t. I’m not into fashion and I couldn’t tell an expensive suit from a cheap one to save my life, also rich people often don’t dress flashy, and vice versa. On top of that, a lot of rich people are tight (hence why they have $ haha) So the way around this, is to approach everybody with the same enthusiasm and effort regardless of who they might be or what they might or might not have. Therefore, again your target market remains large, as you want to be able to approach as many people as possible and bring your best each time to each person, rather than prejudging. This will therefore be increasing your chances of a dance and ultimately, stacking that $$$$!

Your hustle is a little glimpse into what spending time with you may be like 😊

It’s like a mini taster, if you know you give an amazing lap dance, or connection, good banter or entertainment. Make sure to bring this energy to your hustle. Just because you know you can show them a good time. They might not realise this, if you bring a flat hustle. Sometimes I forget this in life, for example; if I’m directing a friend who is driving to somewhere, I have been, but they haven’t. I sometimes forget to tell them to turn, because I know they way and I forget they don’t. We have intuition but we aren’t mind readers! especially some of our customers featuring the drunk ones!

Rapport is about commonality!

Learn as many things as you can from customers So, we have a wealth of information right at our fingertips, especially on longer bookings! I’m talking about our customers. We have the luxury to meet and connect with people from all occupations, walks of life, all different ages and ethnicities. Taking the time to really talk to our customers, listen, learn and find out so many different and unique facts and worldly topics can serve in many ways! First of all, you become good at listening, which is a great skill to have, also people love to talk about themselves, and we can encourage them to do that! We can also learn so many weird and wonderful things which can come in handy in future bookings. So when we encounter people with similar occupations or origins from different parts of the world etc. We can surprise them with our knowledge and at the same time build a strong connection, and rapport which is having a commonality with others! Don’t let this valuable resource pass you buy, enjoy learning as you earn and expanding your knowledge ❤️

Friend zoned?

Have you ever sat with a customer for way too long and not converted conversation into a lap dance? There’s a chance you ended up friend zoned! There are ways out! Before you get too deep! Yes, that killer combo of touch and compliments as well as ramping up your sexual energy and sex appeal can help get you out of that friend zone trap! You can still make money from the friend zone; however it takes longer and time is money gf! ❤️

How do you get out of the friend zone?

Sales tip!

Menus which do not feature a $! Remind me of a sales and marketing technique where you leave out the $ so people are slightly more detached from the fact that it represents their hard-earned money! We can also bring this into our hustle, when we are quoting prices and literally mention the amount but don’t mention the word DOLLARS! Eg - “half an hour?” “Yep, that’s 300” not “300 dollars” simple yet effective little Jedi mind trick! It all counts, towards what we count $


What did you learn?

Despite whether your weekend was busy or quiet, fair or unfair, fruitful or not so much, full of divine timing or near misses, good banter or strange customers. At the end of the day, there is only one real question. What did you learn over the weekend? There are so many good lessons in all of our experiences and that means nothing is ever a waste or a bad experience. The more we ask ourselves these important questions, the more we train ourselves to enquire within and teach ourselves along the way; what it is we need to learn. These lessons all come with divine timing, when we are ready for them whether we like it or not. These lessons are both good and bad! Maybe we need to learn to trust ourselves more, or to be proud of ourselves, maybe we need to learn how we come across and make others feel. They can literally be anything! Of all of the lessons I learnt this weekend, I will take the time today, to digest what they are. But the standout one for me is gratitude ❤️ for all of the fantastic people I worked with and met over the weekend. Take the time to enquirer within and see what you find

Remember your why!

Having your intention centred within you can give you unimaginable strength. Remember why you are doing what you are doing. Whether it be a long-term goal, short term goal, specific item or certain achievement you would like to reach. In those hard moments, remember WHY you are doing what you are doing. I find reminding myself of my goals can keep me motivated, determined and focused. From that I find the ability to push through even when I feel like giving up! This one mindset practice can help with difficult nights, times when you lack motivation, saving money and even at the gym!! . What are your whys?

Are you ok? A simple question, which can mean a lot!

I was only talking today to somebody the importance of making sure we focus on giving the best experience possible. We don’t know what people are going through and a lot of guests who come into strip clubs could potentially be very lonely. It doesn’t take much to make people feel special, or give our full attention and listen. Sometimes that’s all anyone needs. Today be aware and make it your mission to brighten someone’s day, because you probably will! I have had 2 customers in the past come back to tell me they felt very on edge (I don’t want to think more into just how dark they were feeling) and I helped them. They told me that, if it weren’t for having fun on whatever particular night we did, they wouldn’t be here today. Now that’s pretty heavy and I had no idea at the time just how they felt and just how giving someone care and an ear and a laugh could change their world. A lot of us may never know just how much we may brighten someone’s day! So always treat people like they matter and strive to help them feel a little more ok than before you met them ❤️


I’ve been asked a number of times now, why create stripology? First of all, my background is science. I studied biotechnology and worked specifically as a genetic analyst. I also get super interested in hustling and mindset. In combination, I really enjoy analysing situations, people’s behaviour, interactions, our internal environment and most things really. I think it’s the combination of science and stripping that has led me to study further down this path, and create stripology. I started to realise, top earners all physically look different so there is much more to the hustle than meets the eye. After a couple of years of really playing with what works and what doesn’t, reading people, taking note of what people respond to and generally consciously polishing my hustle, I found a lot of friends and colleges began to ask for tips and support. I found with a little support and a few tips, earnings would increase for them by, well....... a lot! There is nothing to fear in helping one another, it does not bring about scarcity for others, it attracts more positive experience for all and therefore attracts more abundance for all! Stripping is my passion, hustle is my fascination and giving to others is my journey!

Sacred geometry

I like to wear this piece (Metatron) sometimes as it has the energies of manifestation, femininity and protection. I think these are all super important to connect with whilst stripping. I recently bought this piece in ubud whilst doing my yoga and meditation accreditation which taught me so much that I am able to apply in everyday life! We all have energetic bodies and it is important to be open and to offer your energy to someone as, at the end of the day, how you make someone feel is what they will remember deep down. However it is super important to also have boundaries to protect yourself, which I had to learn about, as that has been something that didn’t come naturally to me. There is a lot of energy exchange in the club, whether it be a customer who is wanting to vent or put you down in order to make themselves feel better or whether it’s you opening your heart to someone who is down and needs support or simply someone who is feeding off your energy without you even being aware, and so many more different situations. The possibilities are endless and there are certain ways to protect yourself, for example symbolism, meditation, visualisation and grounding yourself to the stability and support of the earth telluric energy, smudging and many more. It is important to create boundaries for your energetic body, disconnect after work and protect yourself energetically in such an energy rich environment! What do you do to protect your energetic body? Xx

Pushing boundaries

What I’m talking about is your own boundaries. One of my favourite things I love about our work is the people you meet as well as some of the crazy situations, conversations and locations you end up in! If you are judging people even before you meet them, you are closing doors. Most people have something to share that you can learn from......... and earn from! If you stay in your own comfort zone and are scared to step out, you miss out! Your life could be the same from 2015-2025 without you even realising it! Here is a saying I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ absolutely love! ⭐️ All the magic happens outside your comfort zone ⭐️ Push yourself!

If you learn along the way, every failure will bear the gift of success.

Turn that lead into gold! If things are going south, ask yourself what the lesson is? It may not come to you right away but there is always a lesson and for that we are truly blessed. We are given the opportunity to grow, to learn and to expand on ourselves. Nothing worth having comes to us easily or we may not appreciate the true value, and if it does then the path was already paved without us even being aware! Happy hustling everyone think about what your gifts are even if you have just been experiencing some shit ❤️

Fortune favours the bold!

I loved this quote from bohemian rhapsody! As I feel it’s so true. I am naturally a little anxious, overthink and at times far too serious. When it comes to work, there’s no time for that on the outside! You may be left unnoticed if you don’t get bold, put yourself out there, approach people, look fabulous, smile, and be that amazing go getter that is somewhere in your personality. Even if it isn’t full time.

The small pieces make the big picture.

With training I get asked a large range of questions around hustling. Lots are repeated, some are totally unique and left field. . There is no magic pill. There is no one liner, there is no one look and there is no huge secret when it comes to hustling. It is in fact a series of lots of little things we can do and all put together they form a beautiful puzzle which, together, form a bigger picture and together work towards increasing your chances of a dance. This begins with being aware. So, it is no longer guess work and luck, you can be more in control of your outcomes. By having more tools in your belt and more awareness. Aware from the minute you hit the floor. Aware of the impression you give off. Aware of the way you make other people feel. Aware of how you allow the conversation to flow. Aware of your vibe, your energy, your self-talk, your impact on others. Etc, the list of what is important to be aware of goes on. Another point to be aware of is, people don’t remember what you say they remember the way you made them feel. That also applies to yourself, we can affect the way we feel due to what we are saying to ourselves. There are many pieces to the puzzle of hustling well. It’s not just a little afternoon activity 120-piece puzzle! It’s a highly complex but fun and exciting puzzle with the most amazing art on it. Who knows how many pieces there really are, as the brain works it’s absolute hardest when we first meet a new person! That is what lights up the brain the most when we meet someone new and we do it all night every night! I believe it’s an infinity piece puzzle, so really when you start to look into that fact, it opens up a whole world of learning, searching and discovering more about yourself and the way you interact with others

“In life, when you strip back all the layers, the answer to everything is love! In a Strip Club, when you strip back all the layers, the answer to everything is Vagina!” -Stripology.


What is holding you back? What is your obstacle or limitation? Really think about what is answered for this next question: I would be AMAZING at my job if............ What is THE FIRST THING THAT COMES TO MIND? There’s your answer to what you need to work on/ let go of! The unconscious mind always knows, trust it! Even if you aren’t consciously aware of where you may need to focus on. Trust what first popped into your mind. What is holding you back? ❤️

Don’t act starving!

My analogy for this topic is going to the beach to have a nice picnic.

Nice idea, you get ready, you meet your friends and bam your hit with a bunch of seemingly starving seagulls. It’s fun to feed the birds, when they approach you in a way that compels you to throw them a chip. It’s fun watching them enjoy it. Sometimes this comes up in the club, when you feel you’re not doing well and you see others are or when you feel like you’ve had a bunch of no’s and frustration kicks in. It’s so important to not fall into the taking, starving mentality, get get get! Your energy will show that’s what your intent is, even if you don’t say it. The best way to stay above this is gratitude! You will never have a bad night if you keep your mind on gratitude, really feel it. Gratitude can be practiced. I have started a practice where I set an alarm each day, to stop and really feel gratitude for whatever comes up. Let’s spread this energy!

“A yawn is contagious, but ain’t nobody got time for that! A smile is magnetic”- Stripology.

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