Listen out for Language!

Pay attention to those modal verbs! All of those seemingly meaningless “filler words” for example May or might, would or should or will, can or could, and even it’s possible, or the old, I’ll see....... yes, we will see.... haha! You can tell a lot, and pick up on someone’s TRUE willingness to do something (their true intentions) due to their choice of words! Are they choosing more certain language? Or uncertain, more wishy-washy language? E.g. - I’ll have a drink, then I MIGHT come for a dance OR - I’ll have a drink, then I WILL come for a dance!

Listen out for their language choices and then you can really save time by keeping control of the conversation and adjusting your hustle approach and style due to the info you gather, from their language choice.


People GENERALLY only want to spend their $$$$ on people they like! When your time is limited, how do you increase your chances of this?? - COMPLIMENTS! Don’t forget.... plus, it’s always nice to make someone feel nice!

Check the body language!!

Is it closed? Is it open? Is it directed towards you? Is their drink like a shield between you and them? Which way are they crossing their legs? Are their arms crossed? Where are they looking? Hopefully checking you out haha! Equally as important, how is yours? Check your body language! Even if you are feeling uncomfortable, it is important to be aware of your own body language and remain open, leaning in, receptive and sexual! Make sure you don’t have a drink or a clutch bag between you and them and certainly not a good idea to cross arms or legs! Being aware of your own body language and remaining open can help entice customers! Being aware of their body language can help to cut through the B/S! Actions speak louder than words! 93% of communication is non-verbal and 55% is body language!

So ever had trouble hustling someone who has the most closed body language?

Makes you just wonder if they actually like leaving their home? No matter how friendly, gentle and soft your approach they remain really closed and crossed over! So I learnt loads of really interesting things yesterday at my body language workshop but here is one I can’t wait to apply! So when it comes to closed body language, there is no point hustling someone while they are closed, it’s like trying to talk to someone through a closed door! You need to open it to have a proper conversation! I would generally, literally ask them to open up, ask if they feel comfortable or ok and point out their body language- here is a much more gentle and subtle approach If you start with a handshake, they need to open up but if they go back to crossed, we’ll........ what then? You could ask them to hold something e.g. your clutch or a drink, while you adjust something, your shoes, your strap etc That way after you can thank them, for helping, thank them as you feel much more comfortable smile and hopefully, they remain open! As they have just helped you to feel much more comfortable, and in return, hopefully they do! Universal law of reciprocity, and you can’t argue with that 😊Xx

Ever feel like your conversations get repetitive with customers?

When I chat to my girlfriends about this issue, we can all relate! It is not that there is something wrong when your hustle seems repetitive and here are a few ways to look at this issue. First of all our time is precious during hustling, as we are not being paid. We want a fast selling cycle, however need to balance this with building rapport (in most cases). There are certain topics which are on track to selling a lap dance. Topics that are relevant to the night, their situation, their friend dynamics, anything relating to them being there in that moment and what they want! Etc.. Unless it is quiet, (you may need to build more rapport than on a busy night however) you may drag out your hustle or worse yet get friend zoned if you talk about too many off topic things. Staying on topic can result in feeling like you are being repetitive with people. This is a common issue I get asked about. However, I feel, yes, it is almost a good sign if you feel repetitive as you are stating on topic. The best way to extinguish this issue, is to look at it differently. It only feels repetitive if you don’t care about the answers you hear. You feel like you are rattling off the same questions like a robot! Take a moment to take a genuine interest in what your customers reply! That will make the plainest conversation interesting. If you make a connection, your customers will feel your warmth and your energy. You will feel more interested and no longer feel and seem like a robot! Also take a moment to have gratitude that sometimes jobs get repetitive for everyone, we all feel it from time to time. It is up to you, the way you look at it and also trust me I used to work in a lab! There are wwaaaaayyyyyy more repetitive jobs out there ❤️

Selling longer bookings off the bat!

Lots of people have asked me how to sell bigger dances right away. The truth is there are loads of factors at play. Including your energy and belief systems of whether you deep down believe you are “worth it” of course you ARE! But these will affect your delivery when you answer “how much a dance is” Some strategies are easy to implement and straightforward. So, you can start right away and notice a difference! First of all your tone - tone of voice is 35% of communication. This is a very quick explanation to a complex topic. Are you aware your tone of voice at the end of your sentences? Does your voice go up? Eg word word word ➡️➡️↗️ or does it go down word word word ➡️➡️↘️ When your voice goes up it creates people to think u are questioning what you are saying e.g. $400???? If your voice tone goes down at the end it sounds authoritative e.g. $400!!!! There is no room to barter or bargain, you sound sure of yourself. So, if you find people tend to question you on how much dances are or whether they can go cheaper or even say that’s too expensive- check your tone. You can also couple an authoritative tone with a little nod and a sexy smile 💁‍♀️ sending the message that your still fun and flirty but not open to being bargained with ❤️ I hope this helps xx And remember, if you don’t at least try, you won’t get!

Continuation for selling longer bookings straight off the bat