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"I originally sought coaching as I found myself lost and unable to find a way out of the rut I was in. Seeking help in any situation can be a hard and daunting experience but Wendy was warm and welcoming making that first step much easier. My first session was definitely the hardest as I generally didn’t know what to expect.

After my first session I noticed an improvement in my confidence and I generally had more direction when it came to my work life.


I can now identify ways to not only get a booking but I also get longer bookings which has lead to a double in my income. I have learned to identify when to keep trying with a client but most importantly when I am wasting my time and need to move on. I have generally become more efficient! 

Although I was nervous for my first session, Wendy made me feel very comfortable and helped to whisk away any of those awkward feelings I had around talking about myself. I have a large background in sales and Wendy was able to help me manipulate those skills into useable skills in the club environment.


I have recommended Stripology to friends and coworkers, whether they be those looking for somewhere to start or to increase their abilities and skills."



I decided to start to receive coaching with Wendy, when I was considering to leave the industry, however I felt I hadn’t reached my full potential. I had doubts in my own hustling skills, I had low confidence and motivation coming into work, I felt that customers were draining my energy which was affecting my personal life.

Now after having completed one on one sessions, I’m feeling more confident with my hustling techniques which has led to greater self-belief systems. I have a greater understanding of the customers and I feel more versatile.

I completed a Time-line Therapy with Wendy, which has assisted me in my own personal life and work. I no longer feel drained of energy from customers.

With Wendy I have been able to set achievable and realistic goals for income which have been reached above and beyond.


My income has increased by 50% on average.


I was trapped in a mindset of needing to drink at work, however, I have completely cut myself off, with the assistance and support of Wendy. Once I stopped drinking a lot of things changed like my mindset was different. I was more focused to work at work.


Wendy has been amazing through my coaching, everything was really easy to understand she has gone above and beyond. I highly recommend anyone who wants to maximise their potential in the industry to have coaching with Wendy.



"Wendy’s passion for all the work she does and what she teaches is obvious, and so inspiring. She is generous, calm, empathetic and honest.  After my first session...

I felt much calmer and more optimistic about going to work, instead of feeling the anxiety, dread and resistance that had become the norm for me.


At work, I actually felt proud of myself for a change (instead of judging and expecting more of myself, no matter how much I earned).


After my second session with Wendy, I worked sober for the first time in my whole dancing career!  I actually felt comfortable without having to have a couple of drinks to settle my nerves and boost my confidence!


Her knowledge, personal experience and passion for the inner work (like mindset, self-belief and law of attraction) combined with her practical hustling tips are such a great combination."



"My name is Lilly Merendino, owner of The Penthouse Club Perth. Wendy has worked at PHCP for over 6 years, she is very approachable and connects well with guests quickly.

Over the years we have received many emails from guests who have enjoyed their experience with Wendy. Constant feedback is always positive with regular mentions of her warm, friendly fun loving nature and a genuine desire to connect.


I consider Wendy one of our senior dancers, she’s a master at the hustle and I feel she has the experience and knowledge to share with others.


I’ve seen the difference in the confidence and earnings from dancers who have been coached by Wendy"



"For as long as I can remember I have always had a huge love for chocolate! Sounds normal right? That’s where you are wrong! When I say a love for chocolate…I’m talking about devouring family block after family block uncontrollably as if my stomach was a bottomless pit! 

Chocolate has always been around in my life from as young as I can remember. Every Birthday, Christmas and Easter was filled with chocolate! Even when there wasn’t a special occasion, the cupboards would always be bursting with chocolate supplies! Everyone in my family loves chocolate and it seemed so normal to eat it in abundance.


In my teenage years and even as a young adult, it never phased me. I would always have people say to me ‘You are so lucky you can get away with eating all that sugar’ or ‘how are you not fat?’


I used to think to myself, I guess I’m just lucky, I must have a quick metabolism! I never had a pimple on my face, never had a single filling in my teeth and was a perfect size 8! Sugar appeared to be doing no damage… so why should I quit these eating habits? And so, I continued to binge eat chocolate for many years.

A few years ago, things began to change. My skin became very blemished, I was suffering from issues relating to gut health due to my huge sugar intake and I could see that my metabolism was starting to slow down. That’s when I realised that my eating habits were far from normal and were actually negatively impacting my life.  I tried to come off sugar cold turkey many times but never had any success. I would suffer huge withdrawal symptoms and headaches and within a day or two I would find myself eating chocolate again. 

I came to the conclusion that this was an addiction and a big one! I decided to seek professional help. I tried many treatments with many different practitioners including hypnosis, kinesiology, naturopathy and working with a psychologist, who specialises in addiction and eating disorders but nothing seemed to work! 


That’s when Wendy suggested doing an NLP break through. It did seem a bit out there and I was sceptical but realistically I was desperate to make a change so therefore I had nothing to loose. 


In the weeks leading up to my appointment, I had some pre-tasking to do in preparation for my appointment. It involved taking some time out each day in a quiet space to really think deeply about this problem I had and why I wanted to make a change.

The breakthrough itself was very interesting. It was like nothing I had ever done before but I kept an open mind and just went with it. 

Wendy used a technique called NLP Timeline Therapy.  It involved my subconscious mind and the root cause of this problem and where this addiction stemmed from.


Through this therapy I learnt that the reason for my huge love for chocolate does in fact stem back to my childhood years and all of those fond memories based around chocolate. When we delved a little deeper we discovered that the true reasons for eating chocolate in such an obsessive way was to feel nurtured and satisfied. 


Honestly all I can say is that it is really bizarre, but it worked immediately from that day. At the end of the session, which took a whole day, Wendy and I came up with some goals and a plan to keep me on track.


We structured a daily routine and made some firm rules to stick to in order to follow through successfully. I had this huge determination like I have never felt before in my life. 


I truly felt like something changed for me that day. 

I walked away from the session feeling amazing!

In the weeks to follow, I had very little sugar cravings which is an absolute first for me. Not eating chocolate seemed effortless. I got really into my training at the gym and dropped 10% body fat within a month, something I have never managed to do before despite training hard with a personal trainer 3 times per week. Mastering the diet and being sugar free was key.


I was feeling so proud of myself and very accomplished. Although as time went on, it did get more tedious and my sugar cravings did begin to slowly re appear. 


Although I had five weeks completely sugar free I have not been able to live my life free from sugar and chocolate. This was still a huge achievement for me! I have managed to make some huge changes! In the past the longest I have been able to go without sugar was 1 week, so 5 weeks was huge. I have learnt so much about myself from the NLP session and  in turn it has really helped me to implement self-control and discipline regarding my eating habits. 


The biggest thing I have come away from the session with is a change in beliefs. I now believe that eating chocolate is a choice and no longer an addiction. It appears that there are many different layers to problems like this and I feel that this therapy has made a really good impact. 

I would highly recommend NLP for anyone who is truly ready to make a change in their lives. 

My session with Wendy was highly professional from start to finish. Everything was confidential, and I could tell there was no judgement. It was nice to work with someone who is so open minded and eager to help.


I would have no reservations in recommending Wendy as an NLP Therapist."

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