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Through the tailored coaching sessions, we work together to identify areas in which to improve on. As everyone is unique, our sessions bring you specific information and guidance to suit your needs.

We all inherently know the answers to everything we need, it is a matter of:


I offer my own support, knowledge and experience to help guide you on your journey.





  • To be successful, productive and motivated.

  • To create positivity and the ability to persist and stay motivated all night long.

  • Establish healthy boundaries, including disconnecting from clients.

  • Removing any internal blocks around money, including deserving it, making it and/or holding onto it

  • Identify your issues and specific needs, and make improvements where necessary.


  • To improve confidence and eliminate self-doubt.

  • Effective communication skills and build rapport.

  • Effective sales techniques for this industry.

  • Strategies to confidently guide conversation to selling a lap dance / suggest longer dances and upgrades.

  • The subtleties of body language; how to read it and how to apply it effectively.

  • Learn strategies to confidently guide conversation to selling a lap dance / suggest longer dances and upgrades.

  • Master the shortening of your selling cycle, to save time and earn more.

  • Examine the importance of listening and the power it can bring.

  • Master the shortening of your selling cycle, to save time and earn more.

BECOME AWARE of YOUR approach with customers and create a winning first impression and DEVELOP YOUR ability to sell to all customers of different demographics!

Any other issues which may arise either directly or indirectly impacting on your experience as a dancer.



"There are no limits in what you can achieve with your life, except for the limits you choose to accept in your own mind!"

...Do you ever feel you are stuck on repeat?

...Repeating the same patterns of behaviour?

...The same relationships?

...The same level of success?

...The same self-sabotaging behaviour?

...The same reoccurring emotions?

These patterns all come from internal beliefs we have about ourselves and these beliefs are constantly running in the back ground, in our unconscious mind. That’s why we might ask ourselves;


“Why does this always happen to me”


“I just can’t seem to get ahead” 

Why does this happen to us and why don’t these patterns change, no matter how hard we try to consciously change them? If this is happening, the truth is, it’s because we haven’t changed, and neither have our beliefs about ourselves on an unconscious level. All learning, behaviour and change occurs on an unconscious level.

Our unconscious minds ambition is to keep us safe.

Our beliefs come from our unconscious mind.

So why do we create beliefs that hold us back and limit our potential?

These beliefs are formulated in our infancy and early childhood, when we are learning and looking for approval. They are accepted by the mind between the ages of 0-7yo. During this time, we are impressionable and the mind is running in delta waves, kind of like a dreamlike state.


We are yet to have developed a critical faculty in our mind and therefore lack the ability to think critically and decide whether we want to accept or reject information and it is readily taken on board.

In amongst all of the necessary information we are learning to help keep us safe, e.g. “don’t touch a fire” or “be careful when crossing the road” etc. We also learn beliefs which may have made sense at this learning stage, however in adulthood, end up limiting us i.e. limiting beliefs. These could be for example “it is unsafe to speak up” or money causes conflict” or “I am afraid of failure” there are infinite possibilities for what could be a limiting belief.


Of our mind is unconscious, this is the fascinating part of the brain that drives our behaviour. It is responsible for everything that we do, every decision, every action, every idea, our feelings even though we are not consciously aware. Therefore only 5-10% comes from our conscious mind.

We can also accept limiting beliefs on a very deep fundamental level about ourselves during times of emotional overwhelm, or during times when we may have been mistreated or present around conflict or even when accepting others damaging opinions. These may sound like “I am not good enough”, “I am worthless” or even “I am a bad person” etc. and if left unchecked, these programs can run in the background of the mind and create negative life patterns. They can also affect your body and health (that is a whole other story) mind and body connection.

So, being aware of limiting beliefs is one thing, however what can we do about this? There are different modalities however, I work with Timeline therapy. Timeline therapy techniques are unique and work with one’s own timeline to create powerful change by working with the unconscious mind to heal emotional traumas, eradicating unwanted thoughts, behaviours and emotions.

This will allow you to gain emotional control over your life by eliminating inappropriate emotional reactions such as bursts of anger, depression, sadness, anxiety, chronic fear etc as well as limiting beliefs.

Your “timeline” is how you unconsciously store your memories. Any behavioural change occurs on an unconscious level, people don’t change consciously e.g. new years resolutions. Timeline therapy allows you to work at the unconscious level and release the effects of past negative experiences, change undesirable/limiting beliefs thus...


 ...allowing you to move forward toward your goals and desires.

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