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"STRIPNOSIS - The Power of Suggestion!"


I am super excited To bring you this epic four week course.

STRIPNOSIS - The Power of Suggestion!

This course is designed to bring superpowers to your hustle.


We are going to learn how to utilise the powers of working with the unconscious mind. To not only strengthen our own confidence and hustle techniques, but to encourage our customers to spend and continue to spend, in a happy and consensual way.


The best hustle is a win-win hustle and we can create this time and time again using specific techniques!


In this four week course we supercharge your hustle skills by incorporating the fundamentals of Hypnosis into your customer interactions.


When: January 21st

Where: Facebook group with 4x weekly live Zoom calls. Recordings available, yours to keep forever.


What’s involved 

Week 1:

- Workings of the unconscious mind.

- Introduction to hypnosis.


Week 2:

- Hypnosis, NLP and sales techniques.


Week 3:

- Auto suggestion. (Self hypnosis)

- Mindset rewiring, increase

- Confidence and manifestation


Week 4:

- Power of suggestion.

- Applying these techniques to your hustle.

- Strategies and examples for longer  bookings.


These techniques are powerful and extremely versatile. They are utilised in many industries as well as different areas of life, where persuasion is desired. We learn how to use these techniques effectively and responsibly and the results speak for themselves.


If you feel excited by this course and feel ready to expand your hustle repertoire, let’s get it going on and boost the f*Ck out of your confidence, hustle techniques and naturally your income!!


Grab a spot today in this unique and powerful course, I can’t wait to hear about your success!

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