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Just as our customers are diverse and have different requirements, it is important we have equally diverse hustling techniques and strategies to apply. That way you can have a broader range of customers who you can comfortably approach and work with, whilst increasing your comfort zone and confidence.

During this journey of studying the hustle I studied and/or became certified in relevant areas including:

  • Certified NLP Master Pactitioner & Life Coach

  • Certified NLP Timeline Therapy Pactitioner

  • Certified Hypnotherapist

  • Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher

  • Completed a Professional Sales Trainer Course

  • Completed Body Language Training

  • Completed Workshop for Creating Energetic Boundaries & Clearing Other Energies


I grew up in in the inner suburbs of Brisbane with my mum and two older brothers. My father was in and out of the house and eventually spent most of his time in Switzerland. This was always difficult and his relationship to women has always been very negative and he has a lot of narcissistic and misogynistic tendencies. There was a lot of violence around the house and I often didn't feel safe or content...


 Through it all I persevered, as I have always felt a sense of determination and knowing, that if I want change then it is up to me. I graduated university with a bachelor of science and worked in the field of cytogenetics. I was dissatisfied with this work and always dreamed of doing something more creative. I always loved strip clubs and peep shows and the party scene in general however my self esteem and poor body image always stopped me from becoming a stripper, even though deep down I knew that is what I would love to do.

It took a huge amount of courage to begin stripping and at the age of 25 I started. Fast forward several years I now had the money to really start looking after myself, not only with delicious food, holidays, cars, house and nice things. But with self-development. I invested in myself and began intensive psychotherapy twice a week, as I had a huge amount of healing I needed to do.

Gradually, my self-esteem began to strengthen, it has been hard work however, the more I connect with myself, the more I have improved my self-esteem. Nowadays the psychotherapy has become very fascinating and uplifting. This has set me on a path of self-discovery and personal development. I began to study more mindset focused modalities and love to share these insights with others. I love learning to embrace the diverse landscape of the mind. 

Looking back, it feels like a different life. I remember the intense anxiety I used to feel on an almost permanent basis, the depression, insomnia and cloudy head space. I feel, my journey of self-development, has directly impacted upon and improved my state of mind and my work performance. I have less triggers and more understanding around the workplace it is also possible to maintain a feeling of positivity and determination throughout the night.​

I feel so blessed and relieved to know, that through hard work and determination I have managed to turn things around and for that I am forever grateful. The stripping industry has given the keys to learn strength, courage, determination, self-esteem, how to laugh things off, resilience and friendships with inspiring women. Above all it gave me time and financial freedom to sort my life and my shit out!


With this love I have for the industry and the beautiful women I work besides, I am inspired to share knowledge I gained from my journey and my experience working within the strip clubs. To pay forward and share the positivity, learnings and abundance.

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